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The best and most modern facilities

Unfortunately, the skydiving industry can be fairly primitive. Facilities nearly always consist of tents and trailers, or possibly a small hangar with an outhouse.

At Tennessee Skydiving we offer the best facility available. Indoor climate controlled training areas, observation decks, picnic areas, recreation areas, skydive training classrooms, 14 TV's, video production studio and more...

Tennessee Skydiving is the most experienced skydiving center serving Tennessee!

At Tennessee Skydiving you will be assigned an instructor with at least 3 years experience. The average level of experience is 11 years, making Tennessee Skydiving's staff the most experienced in the South Eastern United States. A great number of our instructors are gold medalists and/or world record holders.

Our staff is among the most qualified and skilled in the world!
Tennessee Skydiving staff members are notable competitors, authors, lecturers, and organizers. No other skydiving operation in Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee possesses such an elite instructional staff. When you have chosen Tennessee Skydiving, you have chosen the best. Isn't that what you want when you go skydiving?

We offer the highest skydive you can make

At Tennessee Skydiving, your skydive can be made from 15,000 feet! The HIGHEST SKYDIVE available, out of the safest aircraft serving Tennessee! Our aircraft are professionally maintained by certified personnel. Safety is important, and this significant detail sets us apart.

Tennessee Skydiving uses the most modern equipment available

All Tennessee Skydiving equipment is STATE OF THE ART. See "EQUIPMENT"

Due to the high level of experience of our instructors, and our use of the best equipment available, we can accommodate persons weighing as much as 285 LBS.

The largest skydiving training center in the South Eastern U.S.

We are the largest, simply because we are the best. We can handle groups of up to 250 first time skydivers in a single day, taking as many as 36 people at the same time.

Multiple aircraft assures you that you and your friends will skydive on a timely basis. We are the ONLY skydiving center available to Tennessee, flying turbine aircraft every day. These are the large aircraft that provide safe, reliable skydives at 15,000 feet, even on weekdays, unlike the smaller drop zones.


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