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Skydiving is all about adventure and fun, but never at the expense of your safety. The biggest priority at Tennessee Skydiving is safety. Tennessee Skydiving believes in setting the standard within the industry. For this reason, rather than merely meeting the requirements established by governing bodies within the industry, we have chosen to EXCEED those requirements to set a new standard. We believe in going above and beyond established standards to create a better and safer environment for all skydivers.

We use state of the art equipment at Tennessee Skydiving. We understand that while our customers are price sensitive, nobody wants to sacrifice safety for the sake of a few dollars. For this reason we have chosen to invest in the best equipment available for the sport. This enhances the comfort and overall experience, as well as ensures a safe skydive. For more information on the equipment that will be used on your skydive, please see our Equipment page.

Aircraft maintenance is a priority at Tennessee Skydiving. All of our aircraft are maintained by licensed professionals. We have multiple aircraft on hand. This provides a more varied experience for those students who wish to continue in the sport, and also facilitates the scheduling of routine maintenance checks and servicing for the aircraft. Unlike smaller facilities, you will likely NEVER will experience downtime due to aircraft failure at Tennessee Skydiving.

The commitment to excellence that Tennessee Skydiving has adopted has allowed us to attract a world class staff. Most of our staff members have twice the experienced required to become licensed professionals and have achieved recognition within the sport for a broad range of accomplishments. Be fun… be safe… Tennessee Skydiving!